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Nylon tubes

VOSS Automotive Brazil produces nylon tubes in many different layer compositions, reinforcements, coatings, braids, sizes and colors, for example:

Technical monolayer PA tubes
PA11 or PA12 tubes from 4 mm to 33 mm in outside diameter according to DIN 73378 and DIN 74324, typically used in pneumatic brake circuits, fuel systems, vacuum lines, suction pipes, hydraulic clutch, lubrication lines.

Reinforced technical tubes
PA11 or PA12 tubes according to SAE J844 and SAE J1394B, typically used in pneumatic brake circuits. TPE coated tubes in PA11 or PA12.

Technical multilayers tubes
Tubes up to five layers with low permeability for fuel systems with gasoline and ethanol.

Nylon Tubes – Sizes
Tube 4 x 1 Tube 1/4“ Tube 3/8“
Tube 6 x 1 Tube 3/8“ Tube 1/2“
Tube 8 x 1 Tube 1/2“ Tube 5/8“
Tube 8 x 1,5
Tube 10 x 1,5
Tube 11 x 1,5
Tube 12 x 1,5
Tube 13 x 1,5
Tube 15 x 1,5
Tube 16 x 2